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There is a bad and ugly side to everything. Thankfully, there is always the good side. And this is one of those days. Nothing to be alarmed about but good to know things ahead of time so that you can always prepare yourself, if necessary. This is a short take on copiers. Let any office worker or one of their supervisors talk to you about their proverbial bad days at the office. And just think, this would have been tedious and could possibly have been avoided.


How to play this out then? Compartmentalize this short take three ways into the good, bad and the ugly? Or talk briefly about various forms of copiers, or just two, given the time and space left? Let’s try and squeeze the lot in then. Start with the ugly and then finish with the good. Nothing better than a happy ending to round things off, right? It’s ugly having to put up with inferior cheap imitations.

In more ways than one. Instead of using a good and proper make/model people try and cut corners by getting it wrong with a (much) cheaper replica. Only to find that they are heavily shortchanged. In more ways than one. And it’s ugly having to see all your good hard work being copied by others who could never bother to do their own. And getting away with it too. But time will catch up with them. If it could be called that, the bad side of using an exemplary copier is that it is just so darn expensive.

Paper to buy and new ink – black and white and color – cartridges to go along with it, never cheap. Two ways to go here. Take out a lease or get someone else to do your copying.