How Vehicle Manufacturers Are Ensuring The Safest Vehicles On The Road

Since the development of the motor vehicle manufacturers have been working hard to improve the quality of the vehicles, the comfort as well as all the bells and whistles consumers will receive.  With the inclusion of all of these new features the technology needed to ensure that all points of manufacturing are done correctly visual technology needed to be developed.  Currently the most accurate system in practice today is the machine vision smart cameras.

With these cameras’ manufacturers can have instant diagnostics of the vehicles as well as instant visual and reporting information.  Some of the results you can expect from these systems include;

machine vision smart cameras

Fill side views – With full side views inspectors can see all of the part in a series of pictures.  Each picture is in full color and gives accurate detail as to its condition.  If there is a defect the inspector can spot it right away.

Direct communication – With the scan of the camera the information presented is stored and sent directly to the quality control system.  Here decisions can be made as to if the part needs to be removed, adjusted or otherwise managed.  With the speed of this feature vehicles are never put on the road that shouldn’t be.

Bumper to bumper inspections – Each vehicle is given a bumper to bumper inspection with this high-quality camera.  The camera moves ultraslow scanning each and every micron of the vehicle or any defects.  Each pass takes several minutes and once complete a full detailed report is generated and reviewed. 

The development of great technology in our cars is great; backup cameras, collision detection, multiple airbags, voice assistants and even GPS technology.  However, if inspections aren’t performed before the vehicle leaves the factory then all of these safety features could fail, putting drivers, passengers and others on the road at risk.