Tips For Developing Your Own Software

Software development is a great industry to look into for your own personal projects as well as projects for others.  As a programmer you are able to make projects requiring custom programming new york ny.  This custom development will allow you to design your very own product that you can sell or give away. 


Frameworks are code projects that will allow you as a developer to create custom programs with ease.  Frameworks like Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter and all top level development frameworks.  With these frameworks you can easily incorporate large blocks of code to do specific functions without having to reinvent the wheel.

Program scope

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Before programming anything you want to first understand and define the scope of the project.  The scope of the project is a collection of everything that will be needed in the final product.  These include functions, icons, help files, and overall usability.


No matter what you develop you will need to be able to upgrade the source code over time.  As new technologies hit the market, old programs are phased out and the needs of users changes you will need to change as well.  If you design your program to be upgradeable with ease, then the updates won’t take as long and consumers can get what they need much easier.

Develop your core features first

It will be really desirable to want to have all the bells and whistles in your software developed first. However, you need to focus on the core functions first.  Once you have all of your core functions programmed into the software then you can start adding additional projects, features and more. 

Get feedback

Don’t complete a project without getting feedback.  Feedback from potential users and even from other developers will help you in the process.  For those in the development space getting caught up in a project can lead you down a lot of dark holes.  Take a step back, get feedback and then adjust and proceed from there.